The Haircut


Lucy is a succubus and according to Wikipedia usually will seduce men, not here. Her tastes have set upon a hairdresser named Elbe, a river in the Czech Republic which itself plays a small role in this story. The biggest obstacle between Lucy and Elba is Elba’s brother who is abusive.

Lusty Soul writes so very descriptively after a bit you forget this is an E-Book and that you are not holding an actual book. Here’s an example, “I put on a light sundress, tight around the chest and loose around the hips, accentuating the former and masking – to my contentment – the latter. My figure had never been a major point of worry for me. The Latina genes of my beautiful half-Brazilian mother had equipped me with a short and voluptuous body, and a light caramel skin to match.”

When Lucy finds Elbe’s own secret Lusty Soul handles the scene with tenderness and a passion that doesn’t defy her own name, Lusty.  But there is a twist remember? Lucy is a succubus. But Lusty Soul also carries the reader through the pains and later the joy of being Transgender. Lucy learns quite a bit in her thirst to feed. This is a wonderfully written book full of just about every human emotion, especially lust and heart.


Damien Hodges

Where to purchase: Book Reviews, Amazon


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